Yuko Morimoto

Profile Picture Yuko Morimoto is an international business consultant specializing in global leadership development and intercultural communication effectiveness. She offers training and coaching for employees, both Japanese and non-Japanese, at major multinational companies across high-tech, retail, financial, and pharmaceutical industries. Ms. Morimoto lived in the United States for more than 10 years, working with worldwide clients. Among her varied assignments, she developed extensive sales curricula and delivered Train-the-Trainer sessions for a Europe-wide training roll-out through a DL&A project, and in collaboration with a Fortune 100 client. Additionally, she traveled extensively, delivering training on three continents.

Ms. Morimoto is now based in Tokyo, and is involved in a variety of consulting and training projects, including change management, communication skills, leadership development and cross-cultural training. The latter focuses on differences between the West and Japan in the areas of decision-making, leadership, the customer relationship, information transfer, and business communication. The projects in which she is involved cross many levels in organizations from administrative staff to senior VPs, and are conducted in both English and Japanese. Ms. Morimoto is the author of "Culture Shock! Tokyo At Your Door" (Times Publishing International, Singapore), one of a widely acclaimed series on living in other cultures, and on cross-cultural adaptation.

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