From DL&A’s online training, Cross-Cultural Insights and Global Communication, I figured out what went wrong when I had previously experienced ambiguity and a lack of openness working with other cultural groups. I was able to identify areas in which I could have built more sustainable relationships with members of different cultures. I also realized how I personally might have been perceived across cultures. The communication guidelines in the video have given me the confidence that I am able to double my chances of winning people globally. This learning program resulted in my becoming more skilled in the way I interact in cross-cultural environments. I am grateful for the awareness and self-development, and the realization of the importance of culture with work groups globally.

Ananth Vinay Mullapudi,
Assist. Manager - Product and Events
Large Media Enterprise, India

Deena's extensive collaboration with our Worldwide Diversity Leadership Team over a two-year period resulted in the implementation of high quality surveys that provided compelling insights enabling us to better understand the needs and concerns of colleagues around the world. She worked extremely well with our team members, and, in the process, skillfully brought a practical understanding of the cross-cultural issues that can occur between any U.S. headquartered company and the various cultural norms and ways of viewing diversity dimensions in other parts of the world. Deena's work with the team contributed greatly to our subsequent recommendations and actions as they allowed us to develop a strategy that was appropriately reflective of the perspectives of our people around the world.

Deborah Dagit,
VP and Chief Diversity Officer
Merck & Co., Inc.

Deena and her team's expertise were extremely valuable in helping us merge a newly acquired Russian company with Silicon Valley employees.

Becky Spears,
Director, Organization Consulting,
Sun Microsystems Inc.

The ten years of training that we invested with Deena Levine & Associates, LLC helped us integrate our global professionals into our client cultures by providing a fine blend of awareness and skills, leading to cross-cultural understanding and professional workplace communication. The interactive workshops were evidence of a great deal of preparation and expertise, resulting in sessions that were of outstanding quality. Every time we engaged Deena Levine & Associates, LLC, their team brought to us passion, energy and true partnership. Complementing the training were Deena's regular insightful contributions to our newsletter, helping us maintain a sustained focus on ongoing cross-cultural development and integration. I would not hesitate to recommend Deena Levine & Associates, LLC to any organization looking for enhancing cross-cultural awareness and communication for their workforce.

Prasad Bhamidipati,
ex-Branch Vice President,

Invesco is a global investment management organization with operations in 20 countries and more than 6,000 employees around the world. When we decided to establish business operations in India, we recognized the importance of understanding Indian culture as a driver of productive working relations amongst our employees and teams.

With many options in the marketplace, Invesco turned to Deena Levine for strategic training assistance based on recommendations from other firms with global operations. Using a variety of classroom and web-based approaches, Deena delivered high-quality, flexible and cost effective training to employees and teams across our organization. Deena's "West-Meets-East" training has often been mentioned as an Invesco best practice for setting up business functions in our Hyderabad office. Deena's helpful materials continue to be used four years later and are as effective today as they were Day One.

Terry L. Wright,
Head of Program Management Office
Invesco Ltd.

In high-context cultures like Russia, your ability to strike up a very good relationship with individuals and especially groups, is essential. The support for a Moscow project from DL&A Russia cross-cultural specialist, was a key ingredient in my personal success and in the achievement of critical business outcomes. The associate was skillful in helping me understand the nuances of behavior and language. His insights into how the planned intervention may be perceived made the difference between success and failure, and his style is warm, easy and stimulating. By the time it came to meeting the team, he had coached me on cross-cultural issues big and small. By lunch time on the first day, this DL&A associate let me know that the relationship with the team in the room was established and that I had the team's trust. In a way that was commercially and personally generous, he declared his work done. I would recommend DL&A cross-cultural support to any business leader working in unfamiliar high-context cultures.

Suzanne Lamont,
Former Senior Organization Development Consultant at Sun Microsystems Inc.
Owner, FutureOrg

This video programme distills and presents what we gained from DL&A live sessions beautifully. Having the online, video format for this training session makes this much more helpful as it can be watched anywhere and at any time. The video training content illustrates very significant East West differences, but also includes cautions about stereotyping. It provides valuable insights for communicators who are called on to "put themselves in the other's shoes" when cultural chasms need to be taken into account. Commonly encountered scenarios are provided as examples when people in the USA, Europe, and Asia work together. This video training programme would prove invaluable for people embarking on projects with global teams. This is a must for the uninitiated and a very useful review for those already working with global teams.

R. Kannan,
Senior Manager,
(formerly at) Ness Technologies