Rossana Miranda-Johnston

Profile Picture Rossana Miranda-Johnston, is an experienced trainer who develops and conducts cross-cultural and leadership development programs, as well as individual coaching. Rossana delivers virtual and face-to-face training modules in her mother tongue, Spanish, and, additionally, has 20 years of professional work experience in English. Her global business travels include North, Central and South America and Europe; in particular, she has worked extensively in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, United States, Canada, Spain, England, and Italy. On a DL&A project, she delivered three continuous weeks of training in multiple countries in South America.

Rossana's training across cultures has focused on cross-cultural competence in business, international relocation, teambuilding, and global virtual teams. She also crosses over to the cultural diversity and inclusion topics within organizations. In the area of global leadership development, she delivers trainings on topics including, effective communication, trust building, motivation, conflict and change management, as well as global diversity. She has supported customer service & sales training as well.

Born and raised in Mexico, Rossana received a master's degree in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training (U.S.). She has lived and worked in Mexico, the United States, Portugal, Israel, England, and Italy. Rossana has contributed to publications such as the Cultural Detective: Mexico, Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees within World Markets, and What Every Immigrant Needs to Know. Rossana is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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