John Gu

Profile PictureJohn Gu is a consultant and bilingual training specialist with extensive experience in systems design, development, delivery and technology transfer. He has traveled extensively and facilitated corporate training programs on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies. For approximately 10 years, he was responsible for the successful adaptation and migration of North American management, train-the-trainer, leadership and joint venture team building programs to the Greater China region and other Asian countries. John has worked with numerous western personnel on cross-cultural effectiveness in the global workplace and with Chinese nationals on successful integration into mainstream American culture and work environment. He has provided counseling, coaching, performance reviews and training services to corporate and academic institutions focusing primarily on the issues of diversity, intercultural communication and global leadership competencies.

John grew up in Shanghai, China where he received a degree in English Literature. He also holds graduate degrees in Education and Communication Sciences from the Republic of Singapore and the United States, respectively. John conducts his training and consults in both English and Mandarin. He is based in Michigan.

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