Global Business Effectiveness

Video Review

This video programme distills and presents what we gained from DL&A live sessions beautifully. Even with 13+ years of working with global teams, I still refer to notes I made during DL&A sessions. Having the online, video format for this training session makes this much more helpful as it can be watched anywhere and at any time...

R. Kannan,
Senior Manager

Part I

Part II

Part III

Example Topics

Video Features


Global Workplace: Concepts to Insights

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Part I introduction
Considerations in Global Communication

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Guidelines for
Cross-Cultural Communication

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  • Attitudes towards authority...
  • Decision making...
  • Nonverbal communication...
  • Concepts of time...
  • Cultural values at work..
  • Communication style...
  • English language variations...
  • Virtual projects and communication...
... across cultures      
  • Presentations
    - Concepts
    - Models
    - Anecdotes
  • Video vignettes
    - cross-cultural interactions
  • Narrated slides
  • 35-page PDF handout containing video summary points and guidelines for global and virtual team projects
  • Examples from most world regions
  • Frequent illustrations of onshore- offshore communication issues
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • East - West cultural style differences
  • Cross-learning for co-workers, team members, and business partners working worldwide
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